What Is The Best Exercise For Weight Loss? Answered!

When it comes to the question, what is the best exercise for weight loss, a short answer to that question is what we like to call in the industry “circuit training”. Following a solid circuit training routine can introduce your body to one of the best workouts of your life as it integrates both a cardiovascular workout as well as can help you with your muscle growth (hypertropy) goals, toning and muscle endurance goals or whatever type of body composition goal you may have!

Now what exactly is circuit training and why is it one of the best ways to lose fat and weight? Well it’s actually really simple and actually you can complete your workout in half the time by utilizing it. So circuit training is when you have a set amount of workouts, say your doing chest and back that day, and you do them in order you would normally do your workouts, but without any rest in between or very little rest. So if you normally do chest press then lat pull downs, do your chest exercise then jump right into your lat pull downs right after.

Now these are two big compound lift exercises and are only used as an example of what you can do with your circuit training program, but you can also do this with any body part. Also, one of the most popular styles of circuit training is a full body routine, where you alternate body parts and exercises in a circuit style and where you do one or more for each body part and cycle through the program 1-3 times.

The best way to lose weight weight with circuit training is to alternate your lifts by doing back to back workouts that work opposite muscle groups. Doing this is the key to not only creating a better body and saving time but also it will save you from injuring muscles as it gives you time off of from the muscles you just worked while you are doing your next exercise. So try not to do 3 different same muscle group exercises in a row, circle back to them so they will be well rested and ready to smash through another set!

Now circuit training for weight loss doesn’t have to be used for just weight bearing exercise machines, you can also create a circuit training regimen with body weight exercises, like pushups, body weight squats, planks, crunches, bodyweight dips and pull ups just to name a few!

So in summary, whatever is on your normal exercise routine, just integrate it into a “non stop” style where you don’t really take breaks and you will be a circuit training veteran within weeks!

Now if you love cardio or want to integrate it into your routine as an extra to your circuit training program you can do so, but forget about getting on a step machine or bike and doing your exercise for a boring 45 minutes straight at the same speed. When it comes to losing weight with cardio, the best way to do so is with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

What is HIIT? Well basically its a method of cardio that alternates different intensities of your workout allowing you to build a stronger cardiovascular system as well as burn calories during and after your workout (afterburn effect).

So if you want to use HIIT, the way it works as that you want to start out with a short warm up of 5 to 10 minutes, then crank up your speed or resistance of the exercise machine you are utilizing for anywhere from 15 seconds if you are more of a beginner, to upwards of 1 minute or more if you are more or an advanced gym rat!

Once your allotted timeframe of higher intensity is done, you want to go back to more of a pace that is a small amount more tough than your original warm up. Getting yourself in different heart rate zones through HIIT cardio or what is also called “stage training” is a great way to create a stronger heart as well as lose more weight and burn more calories compared to doing your cardio at a more steady state.

Once you become a more seasoned interval trainee, you can start be in your higher resistance training portions longer as well as create multiple different higher resistance time slots where you can start using different heart rate zones to monitor your different training zones.

When you get to this stage you want to use:65- 75 percent of your maximum heart rate for your warm up or what is otherwise called your “recovery” stage.75-85 percent of your maximum heart rate for your second stage of training85 to 95 percent of your maximum heart rate for your third and last stage

Now these are just baselines of different heart rate training zones and you can utilize them how you would like. But whether your are doing two or three stages of cardiovascular training with HIIT cardio, the main thing to remember is to ALWAYS circle back to your recovery stage, which depending on your level of training, 1 to upwards of 3 minutes will suffice.

Also, the best way to lose weight and keep your body guessing is to alternate different styles of HIIT training into your routine. You can do so by doing a lighter workout one week then the next week do a more intense HIIT workout. By doing this you will avoid overtraining as well keep your body from reaching cardio and weight loss plateaus.

By utilizing these two different methods, you will create better results when it comes to your fitness goals as well as create a more fun routine which is easier to adhere to then one that is more monotinous.

Also, remember to switch your routines up, don’t do the same type lifting routine for months, as you can put the same sort of stress on your body for as long as you do the same routine, which can cause your body to develop what are called “stress adhesions” or knots in the muscles which can create muscle balance and injury.

Also doing different routines will keep you invested more in your fitness goals as your mind will be more stimulated by new routines and exercises, helping you stick to your gym schedule!

Best Strength Training Exercises To Lose Weight

Now you know all about how to exercise to lose weight most effectively, now last but not least I want to talk about what exercises are the best to lose weight when it comes to lifting weights. These exercises also go hand in hand with the best way to gain muscle as well!

Now the best exercises to lose weight and gain muscle are what are called “compound lifts” which we briefly touched upon above. Now these biggest and baddest compound lifts allow you to exert an insane amount of energy when doing them, allowing you to burn fat and lose weight as well as put on muscle at a fast rate, if that is what your goal is.

The best compound lifts are:



Bench Press

Clean and Press


Now these exercises should only be used by very advanced lifters, which you need to build yourself a solid foundation of good core and stabilizing muscles before integrating these big lifts into your training routine. Which when your ready the best way to start using them the correct way is to look online and find videos of people instructing you how to do them with the correct form.