The Benefits of Working Out and Building Muscle

If you’re wondering why you should build muscle, there are so many benefits that affect your all aspects of your life.

In my opinion the benefits of going to the gym are for everyone, although if you can’t see the point in all these people going to the gym you might need to either give it a go yourself, or do your favourite sport so you only spend 2-3 days in the gym building muscle and strength.

By increasing your muscle mass you increase your resting metabolism, this makes it much easier to lose any fat you want.


When you’re exercising regularly, losing fat and building muscle, you start to feel much lighter on your feet. You wake up feeling fresh and have much more energy throughout the day.

When you get into the gym habit and you go 2 or more times a week, you start to feel great, similar to having more energy, you generally feel better about your day even if it’s a rest day, although not much compares to the endorphins you get after a really hard session. This feeling massively impacts other areas of your life, you’re more motivated to do work you don’t want to do, you’re much more motivated to eat right and people will notice a change in you.

I see it as people have a naturally stored energy that is saved for heavy exercise during the day, if this isn’t used up in hard exercise it sticks with you for the day making you feel much more anxious and stressed out. Sometimes you have problems that you can’t solve and only once you go to the gym you don’t understand why you were stressed out before.

By building functional muscle you’re likely to find daily activites much easier, like lifting furniture etc. Also if you do sport you’ll be a much stronger competitor than had you not built muscle.

Posture and Structural Integrity

By building muscle the right way, you can correct your posture and even out any muscular imbalances you might have. This makes day to day life much easier due to being able to breath and stand correctly and also makes you less likely to develop chronic aches and pains into old age.

By committing to the gym a couple of days a week for long periods of time, you learn how to motivate yourself to commit to other areas of your life. Hence why many successful people exercise and many dedicated gym goers are succcessful.

Many people find that they gain confidence in themselves after committing themselves to the gym. This is partly due to looking better and partly due to overcoming plateaus and achieving the weightlifting goals they set for themselves in the gym.

Building muscle makes you much less injury prone whether it’s in competitive sport or if your job requires physical activity. This only applies if you workout the right way, tthat means warming up and cooling down properly, exercising with good form and not overdeveloping or overtraining one muscle group.

I’ve put this lower down the list as it’s one of the less important reasons to go to the gym. Going to the gym allows you to build a better looking body.

Building lean muscle increases your insulin sensitivity, this means that the carbs that you eat are less likely to be stored as body fat and more likely to be used by the muscles and this allows you to build more muscle, so the leaner and more musclier you get the easier it is to diet. This is similar to the increase in metabolism outlined above.

That’s all for the benefits of building lean muscle. It really can change your whole life, remove stress and make everything you do outside the gym better.