Is Dairy Healthy? Are Butter, Milk and Eggs Killing You?

Simple answer, not as much as that chocolate bar or fizzy drink you just had. Complicated answer, dairy might be killing you, it depends what you’re eating/drinking.

Although the post title is a bit extreme, .he butter and milk you’re eating and drinking could well be very unhealthy for you. In my opinion, the raw milk that comes from a cow is healthy, it’s full of nutrients, vitamins A, E and antioxidants, this can then be turned into butter, cheese or the milk you see on supermarket shelves. When buying dairy products you have to know what to look for to get healthy non-toxic foods.

Dairy Products
Dairy Products

Raw milk’s sole purpose is to sustain the life of calves, it’s vitamin and mineral make up is to grow and repair a baby cow. It’s not directly made for humans, but drink raw human milk if you think it’s healthier…

So now we know raw milk is healthy, although vegans might not agree. I tried being vegan for 90 days and had no extra health benefits. It does work for some people, there’s a good chance I got it wrong, i might try it again when I have more money to do it. Anyway back to dairy, you need to know what isn’t healthy, it’s fairly obvious the more processed milk, butter and cheese is that the worse it is for you, stay away from no fat milk and even pasteurised semi skimmed. The other factor making dairy products unhealthy is what the cows/chickens are fed stay away from corn fed animals and stick to grass fed organic and free range whenever possible, if you live in the U.K animals tend to be grass fed 50-80% of the time so try to get local produce.

Eggs are one food I haven’t covered yet

In order from best to worst, healthy to toxic dairy products:

The Healthiest

Raw unpasteurized milk, grass fed and organic ideally and as close to the source as possible (e.g local farmer)

Free range organic eggs as local as possible

Raw unpasteurised and grassfed butter

The next best alternative, bare in mind i eat free range eggs, I’m looking for raw grass fed butter, but I never drink pasteurized milk. The foods below aren’t ideal so have them in moderation.

Free range eggsorganic, grass fed pasteurised whole fat milkgrass fed butter (grass fed in the U.k tends to be 60% grass fed so look up your brands and see if you can get 60-95% grass fed)

The Most Toxic

Non-organic milk, especially skimmed and semi skimmednon organic butter, tends to be fed on corn and often fed GMO’s

Battery farmed eggs, these are unethical and unhealthy so stay away from them!

There you have a simple but effective way to make all your dairy products healthy. Remember everything in moderation, the only real guaranteed thing you can have as much as you want is water, vegetables and oxygen and even they can be poisonous in large doses.