Q-Who should exercise?

Every one! Starting from a child to an older adult, every one is benefited from exercising. Child obesity is a rising issue in the recent era so, getting active is as important for the kids as it is for the elders.

Q- Why do I exercise?

Have you every seen an image of a fat or obese ancestor of ours during Stone Age? I believe, No! The reason is clear. Well, our bodies are made to move around (hunt and eat). In early ages of human evolution, our ancestors had to hunt the food to quench their hunger. They had to make a lot of effort to get a little food. Now because of the rapid development, our hunt of food is restricted to the grocery store down the street, where we usually drive and our fridges are full of food. The result is obesity, which is the mother of diseases leads to many complicated diseases.

Q- I am already slim; do I still need to exercise?

Every one whether slim or fat is supposed to exercise. Reducing extra weight or fat is only one of the benefits of exercise. Regardless of one’s physical shape, every one has to do cardio exercises to make their heart and lungs stronger, strength exercises to make our joints and muscles stronger and stretches to make our joints and muscles flexible to resist injuries.

Q- I am on my feet most of time every day, do I need to exercise?

Well, what ever one does in his life on regular basis, it becomes his routine but our bodies require continuous progression. Based on one’s routine, the intensity and duration of an exercise program may vary but its not a reason not to work out.

Q- What does an exercise include?

A comprehensive exercise program should include but, not limited to: cardio vascular exercises, strength / resistance training, flexibility exercises, balance exercises, Yoga, Pilates combined with wellness and nutrition plans.

Q- How many times and days should I exercise?

The minimum is three days per week. Cardio vascular is 4 days, resistance training 2-4 days and flexibility exercises 4-7 days a week.

Q- What types of exercises I should do?

There are thousands of exercises you can choose out of. But, mind it that doing exercise under a supervision of an expert is safer and more effective than otherwise..

Q- Can I start exercising own my own?

Always check with your physician before staring an exercise program. It is recommended to seek help from an expert like a trainer to start an exercise program to get the desired results faster and in a safer way.

Q- How important is to exercise under an expert’s supervision?

It is applicable in all fields of life. When we get sick we go to doctor, who is an expert in his filed. For sanitary work we call a plumber and for our car repairs and maintenance we go to the car mechanic. Same applies to our selves. We exercise not only to fix our bodies but it affects the engine as well, running inside our bodies. Ask this question to yourself: To play with our bodies and engine inside them